"Intelobotica helps you scale your video monitoring operations."

Actively monitor hundreds or thousands of cameras autonomously, and free up valuable human resources to tackle key opperations.

With Intelobotica, guarantee every inch of a sensitive perimeter is meticulously monitored 24/7.


Activate a single camera or a full CCTV system by seamlessly connnecting it to our cloud service.


"Real A.I."

Identity Recognition.

Intelobotica's A.I. agent learns to recognize familiar faces and also flag unfamiliar ones. Empowering your monitoring efforts with comprehensive identification and searching capabilities.

Detect threats and emergencies.

Intelobotica's A.I. agent distinguishes between genuine emergencies or suspicious activities and mundane events, such as a cat passing by. Unlike basic 'line cross detection' systems, Intelobotica's bot artificially understands the scene with human-like comprehension, enabling it to assist with basic tasks. This ensures that your security personnel are alerted only to situations that require immediate attention, minimizing false alarms and maximizing operational efficiency.

Receive Alerts and Notifications.

Receive alerts on critical events and security breaches. Customize your alerts to suit your preferences, ensuring you never miss important activity

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Intelobotica is a cloud AI video monitoring service that is compatible with most common CCTV security camera systems. It enables you to utilize advanced Artificial Inteligence technology to automate your basic video monitoring tasks.

  • When you connect your cameras to our servers via the internet, your camera video is processed in real-time by a A.I. video monitoring agent. This virtual agent also triges the notifications or alerts that you configue when it sees it on the video.

    In our web console you can search all the activity detected and analyze the presence of individuals of interest. Additionally, configure notifications to be triggered when specific individuals are detected and for activities that require alerts to be sent to your response room.

  • No, any standard CCTV camera works with Intelobotica. Connecting your cameras to Intelobotica's streaming server depends on your video monitoring center's configuration. Simply stream your video feed through one of the secure channels we provide on the Intelobotica console.

  • 1. From Intelobotica's console obtain a cameara chanel, it will contain the credentials needed.

    2. Stream from the network of your cctv system with the RTMPS protocol (similar to Youtube, Twitch and other mayor video platforms), if you need assitance contact us at

    3. Analyze the activity captured.

    4 Configure alerts and notifications.

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